Located in beautiful and historic downtown Pensacola, we are cyber security and intelligence experts offering 24/7 dedicated security monitoring of critical infrastructure assets, businesses, and other environments. 

Community Driven


We are local, hire local, and invest in our local neighborhoods by supporting workforce development initiatives. More than just cyber security- we promote economic security for the entire community.  

Business Research

True Experts


Our Security Operations Service is built on decades of professional experience in the intelligence, cyber, and engineering fields.

We support monitoring of your assets no matter where they live. If you use AWS, Azure, on premise, or any combination of these, we can provide you with expert 24x7 cyber security monitoring.
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Cutting Edge


We provide a high-touch service utilizing cutting-edge service delivery platforms with cost-effective add-on services available. 

It's not a matter of if you will be compromised, but when it will happen. Every day we see a new headline that turns the spotlight on cyber attacks of retail giants and enterprise businesses. But SMBs are not immune to cyber attack. It’s alarming, and causes a ripple effect of fear across our daily lives. While this intense publicity increases awareness for cyber security in general – it’s not always effective at bringing attention to business leaders who think smaller companies are inherently unattractive targets for cyber criminals. In actuality, this sort of misunderstanding leaves companies highly vulnerable, especially those with limited resources, expertise, and budgets. Argo Cyber Systems, LLC is here to help. 

Work Force Development

Argo Cyber Systems is committed to recruiting and developing the next generation of cyber warriors and leaders. We have an innovative paid internship and training program designed for high school graduates, recent college graduates, and adults looking for a new career. The program provides training and real-world, hands-on cyber work. If you complete the internship program, you will be considered for a full-time position with competitive pay and benefits. There is a selection process for admittance to the program. Contact us if you think you have what it takes.