Delivering powerful threat detection and incident response 

Base Services

Included in standard monthly protection packages

Asset Discovery

We know what’s connected in your digital environment at all times, using either active or passive asset discovery. We will work with you to determine the load you put on your systems and network to minimize operational impact and insure we know what's going on with your environment.


Behavioral Monitoring

It does not matter if you are in AWS, Azure, or on premise, we are able to gain visibility of user activities in your environment. We support Office 365, G Suite, and other apps that are important to your businesses' day-to-day activities. This allows Argo Cyber to see a full picture of any potential system anomalies and respond accordingly.


Vulnerability Assessment

We can identify vulnerabilities and configuration issues that put your company at risk by using either active or passive vulnerability detection. Passive detection compares asset information while monitoring network traffic for known weaknesses and immediate discovery, while active detection consistently scans individual systems, segments and subsets.  We can help with remediation efforts with onsite services, for additional charges.

Threat Intelligence, Forensics & Response

Via many threat intelligence feed partnerships, we continuously and automatically hunt threats so that your company can be as safe as possible. This is offered as part of the service you pay for; there is no up charge. 


Intrusion Detection

We have the ability to detect threats and suspicious activities early with host, network, and cloud Intrusion Detection System. We are able to make informed decisions about any attacks, using data and detailed threat about the attacker's method and strategy, to formulate an informed decision going forward. And you will be kept in the loop every step of the way.


Endpoint Detection & Response

Corporate endpoints are one of the highest security risks for businesses. We centralize and automate threat hunting on endpoints across your cloud and on-premises environments, so we are able to detect and respond to threats wherever they unfold. 

Add-On Services

In addition to 24/7 monitoring and response, the trusted advisers at Argo Cyber Systems, LLC can a multitude of add-on services including on-site consulting services like security engineering, penetration testing, and staff augmentation (short term and long term). Contact us to learn more about what we can offer you. 


Threat Hunting

We proactively detect, isolate, and neutralize advanced threats that evade automated security solutions.We carefully analyze your entire digital environment, using behavioral analysis and a hypothesis-driven approach to find unusual behavior that may indicate the presence of malicious activity.

Consulting Services

We use our years of experience and expertise in information security, risk and compliance to identify vulnerabilities and assess technology so that your business may minimize your risks of a cybersecurity breach, or mitigate any losses should a breach occur. 

We help make informed decisions on how to manage security risks, helping to create customized and workable solutions. 

Penetration Testing & Custom Software 

We offer penetration testing on computer systems, networks, and web applications to find vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit. We also offer custom software development, as well as additional add-on services.