Who We Are

Jim Rogers, CEO & SME

Argo Cyber Systems, LLC is a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP). We provide an affordable 24-7 cyber security monitoring service. Utilizing custom software, COTS software and cloud technology for service delivery, scalability, availability, and efficiency, along with expert security analysts, we provide cost-effective service.

By hiring local, staying local, and working with local companies, we hope to help invest in the next generation of cyber warriors.

As threat tactics evolve, companies are more exposed than ever due to:

  • New malware variants introduced daily

  • Complexity of securing multiple points of access

  • Cyber security skills shortage – coupled with lack of time and money

By not only providing direct services- but investing in solutions to address these issues at their root cause, we hope to see long-term systemic change all along the Cyber Coast.